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Just a list

Quicker list of just useful commands just to remember they exist, vaguely ordered by category. (Note to self: categories are constraining and often want to put things in multiple "when they are useful" places)

  • Text (& Terminal)
    • cut
    • tr
  • Text 2 & Parsing
    • sed
    • awk
    • (gawk?)
  • Commands (exec) & Terminal
    • tee
    • xargs
  • Execution (ish??)
    • nohup
  • Terminal (the thing itself)
    • tmux
    • screen
  • Remote Sessions (& Graphical VNC, Remote Desktop)
    • xpra - (very cool, easy persistent graphical login session, w/ reattach)
  • Networking
    • nmap
    • netstat
    • nslookup
  • Processes
    • ps
      • ps Tf
      • ps aux
      • ps auxf
  • Audio / Media
    • pulseaudio [App]
      • pacmd (module-zeroconf-discover, module-zeroconf-publish)
  • Input / Output
    • xev - (keycode info capture utility) [App]
    • xdotool - (simulate key presses)

TODO: Migrate/sort the more pure-apps vs cmds, and migrate Audio stuff (pulseaudio, sync computers audio steps)

Most Commonly Used

Like the Quick Reference List, but even shorter, just so I don't forget.

ps Tf
Tree of jobs in current terminal.
Good for figuring out how many bash/init scripts deep you are.
$ ps Tf
13373 pts/35   Ss     0:00 /bin/bash
17049 pts/35   S      0:00  \_ /bin/bash ./init -t 021605CP00070
17059 pts/35   S      0:00      \_ bash --rcfile /data/users/myuser/dev/ws/myconfig.rc -i
17121 pts/35   R+     0:00          \_ ps Tf

Quick Reference List

A reference list of handy commands with a quick description. Generally, more detailed usage is put on more dedicated, topic- or command- focused pages. This section is really about just remembering what commands there are and what they can be used for.

Pick out a field from each line
# /robot/lights/state
# /robot/head/state
# /robot/arm/state
$ cut -d / -f 3
# lights
# head
# arm

Ones that are really just quick notes or copy/paste